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About Me!

Hello, my name is Bruce Richardson. I am an entrepreneur that currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL area. I work as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Video Editor. Please feel free to browse around and take a look at some of my recent work. Or Contact Me if you are interested in getting some work done! Hope to hear from you soon!

Recent Work

  • Healing Images

  • Golden State Lacrosse

  • True Title Company

  • VAE Corp

  • Rogue Lacrosse


  • TEA

  • Saratoga Alum

  • CSI

  • Conferencing4u



When you work with a creative person who helps YOU to feel heard, you can be sure that your CUSTOMERS will be better able to hear your message too. Translate your intentions into one of today’s high-tech websites and the possibilities are endless for you to attract those you are trying to reach.

You will be pleased to find that Vivid Concepts will offer you the unique experience of working directly with the full project management team, so that all of your creative goals are met. We will help you to develop your comprehensive design that will fit your expectations, your budget, and your needs.

No matter how big or small. How simple or complicated your intentions may be VIVID Concepts is here to develop your ideal website. First we try to find your vision… We want to create an artistic design that meets what your company is going for. So we first ask for you to point out some websites that you like the flow and design of. This then gives us the best ability to understand the artistic design you are looking for. Once we have this, we develop a couple of different site designs that you can then choose from. Once the design is agreed upon, then the “building” of the site begins.


Give us free reign. Maybe you don’t know what exactly you are looking for? We will gather from you what your Goals or motivations are in the company, and take this information and run with it. We can even develop a logo and/or color scheme base on this information. This is actually the way we like to do it best. But this comes at a premium as well…

VIVID Concepts takes all of the web building aspects into focus when building and designing a website. We use the most up to date coding strategies to make the website as interactive, and stunning, while keeping the site “snappy” and “quick”. It is never fun for a user to have to sit and wait for a page to load. We use all of the available coding practices to make sure the user spends more time interacting with your site, instead of sitting idle, waiting for a page to download. These strategies are accomplished head on with the use of CSS and CSS3, which can create beautiful websites with lines of code, instead of downloading of images, so that the user spends less time requesting information from the server and instead spends more time engaged on your site. We also incorporate Javascript and JQuery into the site to use the power of the clients’ browser to make the site interactive and smooth.

VIVID Concepts also gives clients the ability to create custom logins, and admin support throughout their site. So that they can create content that only special (paid) users can view, or just giving users the ability to create an online community. We give you the option to use these technologies how you wish.

VIVID Concepts also has experience in creating eCommerce solutions for companies trying to sell products or services. We incorporate all of the technologies mentioned above to create a site that will display your products or services to the world in anyway you want.

A list of the coding languages/platforms that we use to develop and build our sites is listed below:

  • Most of our sites are built on the ASP.NET 4.0 platform. Using C# for the code behind.
  • CSS and CSS3 Best Practices
  • HTML5 coding development
  • We use Javascript and JQuery in most all of our projects
  • HTML coding development
  • We can also build sites in php if that is what you are looking for
  • We also build Wordpress, and Drupal sites, but we will use/recommend the platform we feel will offer you the best options.
  • We also do database coding(SQL)
  • Our design is created with Photoshop, and other various Image manipulation programs
We understand how hard it is to try and create a recognizable “Brand” or “Image” that fully incorporates the ideas and goals of your company while also making it resonate with your customers.

VIVD Concepts offers the unique ability to do both. We have over 15 years of experience in creating logos and brands. Whether for a sports team or a New Tech Startup, we do more than just create a logo. We go above and beyond and create a brand.

The way it works is:

We meet with you either face-to-face or by phone and discuss everything you think your company is or wants to become. From the customers you sell to, to those you still wish to attract; from the location of your headquarters, to the far-reaching scope of your product and services; we then develop a number of sketches. After another quick check-in with you to assure we’re on track, we then develop a logo that resonates with all involved. Wouldn’t you like to have a company logo that is simple, clean, and instantly recognizable to your customers and clients? Isn’t it time to invest in your brand?

Studies have shown that that this one thing can distinguish your company from the rest and put you ahead of the competition, so let’s get started! Take a look at our Profile Page to see some examples. Or Contact Us now to get a free estimate!
Everyone wants information that comes in the form of entertainment!

Intelligent media offers our customers new ways to “broadcast” their ideas and/or goals through a more engaging medium…Video…

The smartest websites USE video technology to create expressions that can go “viral” through shared content like videos.

Wouldn’t you like to create a special video for your website that remains memorable long after it ends?

How about a sport highlight video that can help to put your high school junior/senior into the college of his/her choice?

Would capturing your latest championship game on video provide the tangible proof that still stirs the memories long after the glow is gone?

VIVID Concepts can give you the opportunity to capture such emotions. Making and editing videos for over 10 years gives us the edge when knowing how to edit one just for you.

We work with you to create a video that appeals to both you and your clients so that you can much more effectively transmit to your audience your particular message. We take your ideas from concept to design…

Take a look at some of my recent work above. Or Contact Me now to get a free estimate!

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